April 14, 2011
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Space Invaders

Australian Street | Stencils | Posters | Paste-ups | Zines | Stickers

Edited by Jaklyn Babington
Off the street and into the gallery. This exciting book looks at work from the past five years by some 35 contemporary artists from around Australia. Playful, edgy, clever, satirical and political, street art has significantly altered Australian visual culture over the past decade and has announced the arrival of a new generation of contemporary artists.

Space invaders engages with these developments and the radically differing aesthetic offshoots of street art, from stencils to paste-ups, stickers, and zines. It also explores the legal and commercial issues particular to street art in Australia, and reveals the strategies artists have used to divide their practice between the street and the gallery. It includes insightful essays by people engaged with the scene, interviews with artists practising on the streets today, and a multitude of fabulous images.

About the Author

Jaklyn Babington is assistant curator of international prints, drawings, and illustrated books at the National Gallery of Australia. Other contributors include Roger Butler, Din Heagney, Eloise Peace, and Alison Young.
National Gallery of Australia

9780642334114 : space-invaders-babington
128 Pages
$49.95 USD

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