July 20, 2016
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Space and Pluralism

Can Contemporary Cities Be Places of Tolerance?

This book addresses the social, functional and symbolic dimensions of urban space in today's world. The twelve essays are grouped in three parts, ranging from a conceptual framework to case descriptions rich with illustrations. They provide a valuable service in exploring the nature and significance of social space and particular aspects of its contemporary distribution and contestation. The book addresses a topic that is intrinsically interdisciplinary. Questions of space are examined from a rich variety of disciplinary perspectives in a welcome range from urban planning to political philosophy, shedding a good deal of light in the process. The issues in focus include the dichotomies of public and private space, discussion of rights and duties with regard to the use of space, or conflicts over its allocation. Well reasoned and presented discussion is offered from the perspective of basic values and rights. The policy issue of institutional recognition of the specifics of (minority community) identity is raised in opposition to abstract distributive accounts of justice.

About the Authors

Stefano Moroni is Professor in Planning at Milan Polytechnic, where he teaches "Land use ethics and the law." He is a member of the editorial board of "Planning Theory." He works on planning theory and on ethical and legal issues. David Weberman is Associate Professor in Philosophy at Central European University, Budapest. He studied at Munich (MA) and Columbia (PhD). He has taught in the US and Hungary. He has published widely on 20th century European philosophy as well as on issues ranging from metaphysics and history to social and political theory.
Central European University Press

9789633861240 : space-and-pluralism-moroni-weberman
272 Pages
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