January 1, 1998
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Soviet Military Intervention in Hungary, 1956

This first detailed account of Soviet military operations is based on access to unpublished material in Soviet archives, which have recently been reclassified.

The major contribution made by the book is its source material, which reveals new information on the organization, command, strategy, and tactics of the Soviet armed forces which invaded Hungary in 1956. Particularly interesting is the precise documentation of the irrationally large size of the forces. The volume is based on research in Soviet archives, and this alone makes it of unique scholarly importance.

The book opens with a substantial introductory essay by the editors, and includes a major study by the Russian military historian Alexandr Kirov, based on research in Soviet military archives. One of the real strengths of the book is that it also includes the memoirs of General Yevgeny Malashenko, in 1956 a colonel in the Soviet Army and acting Chief of Staff of the Special Corps in Budapest. He provides unparalleled insights into Soviet military procedures, politico-military co-operation, and the actual fighting strengths and weaknesses of the Red Army. Very few other high-ranking Soviet officers have ever published their memoirs in the West.

About the Authors

Jenő Györkei is retired Lt. Colonel of the Hungarian Army and researcher of the Hungarian Military History Institute in Budapest. His main field of interest is the military history of the 1956 Revolution and the Soviet intervention. Miklós Horváth is Lt. Colonel of the Hungarian Army and researcher of the Hungarian Military History Institute in Budapest. He has published extensively on the subject of the Hungarian 1956 Revolution and has translated many original documents from Russian sources.


"This unique collection of three essays on the 1956 Soviet military intervention in Hungary uses recently unclassified material from the Soviet archives. The essay by Russian military historian Alexander Kirov concludes that the major lesson of 1956 is that Russian military should not again oppose popular sentiment in a country. The two editors, Hungarian military historians, contribute an essay outlining their own view of events. In contrast Y. I. Malashenko offers his recollections of events in which he was a key participant. His observations are based on memories of oral communications of the invading military force rather than on written documentsthe controversies generated are stimulating."—Choice

"The main strength of this book is that it draws on a wide variety of documents and documentary collections from several Hungarian archives and one Soviet archive that were declassified after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Institute for the Study of 1956 Revolution in Budapest has published a plethora of books and documents, but unfortunately very few have been translated into English. Thus Györkei's volume is a good start and it will serve as a helpful reference work, containing as it does tables, maps and bibliographic notes. Finally, I believe Malashenko is correct that this book helps to 'contribute to the reconciliation of our peoples (Hungarian and Russian)'."—H-NET Book Review

"The two authors convincingly argue and document it was indeed a democratic revolutionit is a valuable contribution to Cold War History."—NOD & Conversion Newsletter

9789639116368 : soviet-military-intervention-in-hungary-1956-malashenko-gyorkei-horvath
334 Pages
$95.00 USD

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