May 1, 2009
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Sonnets and Other Poems

By Luís De Camões
Preface by Helen Vendler, Translated by Richard Zenith
Sonnets and Other Poems is the first bilingual edition in English to offer a cross-section of lyric poetry by Portugal's Luís de Camões, author of The Lusiads (1572), the great Renaissance epic memoralizing Vasco da Gama's inaugural voyage to India (1497-99). A selection of forty sonnets is followed by poems using other metrical patterns and rhyme schemes, including terza rima, ottava rima, the sestina, the canzone, and the redondilha, a verse form typical of Portuguese poetry. Richard Zenith's fluid renditions, far from attempting to "update" Camões, closely adhere to the original text, employing modern English but resisting the temptation to expand on the relatively small and simple lexicon of the Portuguese. Along with discussing his method of translation, Zenith's illuminating introduction shows how Camões's life and work were intimately entwined.

About the Authors

LUS DE CAMÕES (1524?–1580) lived a life full of love and adventure on three continents. His experiences are vividly woven into his poetry,which drew its formal inspiration from Virgil, Ovid, Petrarch and other poets, both classical and modern. A conceptualizing artist, Camões's extraordinary ability to forge his thought and experience into verses at once crystalline and compelling accounts for his status as one of theforemost poets in the European tradition. While The Lusiads (1572), his epic poem celebrating Portugal's maritime exploits, brought him immediate and enduring renown (there are more than fifteen translations of the work into English), his equally splendorous lyric poetry may hold more appeal for today's reader. RICHARD ZENITH, a long-time resident of Portugal, has won prizes from the PEN Club and the Academy of American Poets for his translations from the poetry of Portugal's Fernando Pessoa and Brazil's João Cabral de Melo Neto. He has published his own poetry in reviews, a book of short stories titled Terceiras Pessoas, and numerous essays.


"Camões's strength as a sonneteer lies not only in his limpid vocabulary and exquisite sense of cadence, but also in his exploration of the most obscure reaches of human consciousness, especially in the delineation of states of bafflement and anxiety. His technical command is supreme, and his range of stylistic experimentation–whether allegorical, pastoral, or erotic–continually exciting."—Helen Vendler

"The great Portuguese poet and nomadic adventurer, Luís de Camões, is best known in the English-speaking world for The Lusiads, his epic tale of empire-building. Yet his body of lyric poetry is no less skilled and astonishing. Richard Zenith, the brilliantly accomplished translator and scholar, now offers us an utterly vivid and immediate rendering of these lyrics, revealing anew their sustained vitality, psychological and emotional depth, and sheer inventiveness. For all who value the eternal lyric tradition, this collection should prove essential reading."—Michael Palmer
Tagus Press
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9781933227269 : sonnets-and-other-poems-de-camoes-zenith-vendler
232 Pages
$24.95 USD

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