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June 27, 2001
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Sociolingüistica y pragmática del español

This book provides a clear and comprehensive overview of sociolinguistics and the pragmatics of oral communication in Spanish. Drawing on the research of foremost scholars in the field, Carmen Silva-Corvalán covers central concerns of variational sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, language change, and language contact, with special reference to Spanish in the United States.

A thoroughly revised and expanded version of Silva-Corvalán's 1989 study, Sociolingüística: teoría y análisis, the book includes rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses, and it documents such ongoing issues as language change in monolingual and bilingual communities, the nature of phonetic and syntactic variation, and modes of data collection and analysis. New topics include pragmatics and discourse analysis, discourse markers, and sociolinguistics and education.

Written in Spanish, Sociolingüística y pragmática del español will be welcomed by students and sociolinguistic researchers, who will find in it the ideal overview of the social aspects of language as well as a wealth of empirical data on Spanish linguistics. Complete with exercises at the end of each chapter and a convenient subject index, the book is appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of Spanish throughout the world.

About the Author

Carmen Silva-Corvalán is professor of Spanish and linguistics at the University of Southern California. Her books include Spanish in Four Continents: Studies in Language Contact and Bilingualism (Georgetown University Press, 1995) and Language Contact and Change: Spanish in Los Angeles (Oxford University Press, 1994).


"A major contribution to the field of Spanish sociolinguistics and pragmatics. It will be of use to specialists, language professionals, and students of Spanish linguistics for many years to come."—Modern Language Journal

"Most readable perhaps not only because of the clear writing style but equally due to the well-planned, succinct sections that compose the chapters. It is so well referenced that the reader can easily build a good overall picture of the fields, sub-fields, and specialties, etc., and their evolution within the discipline . . . a book of immense value to people from a wide range of linguistic backgrounds."—Bulletin of Spanish Studies

"Thorough, comprehensive, and up to date . . . excellent volume, which will be useful in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on Hispanic sociolinguistics taught in the target language."—Language Problems and Language Planning

"A readable and concise introduction to the methods, findings, and implications of contemporary sociolinguistics. . . . Silva-Corvalán offers a clear presentation of the sociological and anthropological approaches to language in society. . . . Silva-Corvalán's work has long been a veritable model in Spanish sociolinguistics and this latest book by no means dimishes that position. Aside from being a clear and readable introduction written in Spanish, it is also a useful classroom workbook."—Journal of Sociolinguistics


"En este libro, nos encontramos con el trabajo de una linguista de primer orden. Silva-Corvalán proporciona lo que necesitan tanto el estudiante como el investigador: claridad de redacción, gran cantidad de datos y ejercicios que llevan al lector a ver patrones relevantes, y, por último, apuntes acertados sobre las ambigüedades y preguntas abiertas de la sociolingüística actual. Uno termina la lectura de este libro no solamente con un profundo conocimiento de sociolingüística sino también con un profundo interés y respeto por el idioma que llamamos el español. [This is the work of a master practicing linguist. Silva-Corvalán provides what both student and researcher need: clarity of writing, abundance of data and exercises which permit the reader to find relevant patterns, and, finally, precise statements of unresolved ambiguities and questions in contemporary sociolinguistics. The reader comes away from the book not only with a deepened understanding of sociolinguistics, but also with a deepened interest in and respect for the language we call Spanish.]"—Richard Cameron, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Sociolinguística y pragmática del español is a thorough and engaging treatment of every aspect of Spanish sociolinguistics and pragmatics written with clarity and grace by one of the foremost experts in the field. In this definitive reference, the culmination of over 30 years of active research, Carmen Silva-Corvalán offers an up-to-date summary and critical assessment of the state of the art of the major issues in Spanish sociolinguistics and pragmatics."—Diana Ranshon, University of Georgia

"Una referencia indispensable para todos los interesados en conocer las aplicaciones y aportes de ambas disciplinas en el campo de la lingüística hispánica."—Paola Bentvoglio, Universidad Central de Venezuela

9780878408726 : sociolinguistica-y-pragmatica-del-espanol-silva-corvalan
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