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January 1, 1995
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Socialism, Capitalism, Transformatio

This volume gathers together essays on the theme of economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe, written by the former Polish Minister of Finance.  In it, the author summarizes the research on institutions, institutional change and human behaviour that he has undertaken since the late 1970s.  He addresses such issues as the socialist market economy, reformability of the Soviet-type economic system, democratization and market-orientated reform in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Polish model of economic reform. 


"In this book Prof Balcerowicz brings together 17 academic articles that summarise his research on the process of radical economic transformation... It is an impressive volume which makes a convincing case for the post-communist transition to be as rapid as possible." - Financial Times

9781858660264 : socialism-capitalism-transformatio-balcerowicz
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384 Pages
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