May 2, 2023
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A Guide to Collecting and Restoring Cast-Iron Cookware

Part science and part personal preference, collecting and restoring cast-iron cookware is a complex art. For instance, what makes each company's cast iron unique? Do chemicals used during restoration leech into food? When it comes to surface finish, is textured or smooth better?

In Skilletheads, the highly anticipated follow-up to Modern Cast Iron, Ashley L. Jones dives deeper than ever into the world of cast iron. In these pages, which feature over 100 full-color photos, you'll find expert advice on purchasing cast iron from some of the most active collectors in the field today; side-by-side comparisons of the major manufacturers in the US and interviews with each company; and detailed how-to guides for restoring cast iron, including such methods as lye baths, electrolysis tanks, and chemical products, all compiled with input from devoted Skilletheads. And because no book on cast iron is complete without a little cooking, Jones includes 35 mouth-watering recipes contributed by foodies who know cast iron best—everything from Sunday Frittata to Braised Chicken to Skillet S'mores.

Whether you're interested in finding the perfect pan for your kitchen or starting a new hobby restoring cast iron, Skilletheads is here to help.

About the Author

Ashley L. Jones is author of Modern Cast Iron. An author, blogger, and teacher based in Tallahassee, Florida, Jones enjoys exploring the art of collecting and restoring cast-iron cookware. Learn more at AshleyLJones.com.


"Obviously Ashley has a problem, and thankfully she's kind enough to share it with us! This book really is for everyone. The home cook to the Michelin chef. The newbie collector to the seasoned pro (ha!).  A must-have for the cast iron user in your life!"—Kevin Fogarty, Content Creator Cast Iron Kev

"Skilletheads is likely the most comprehensive, thoroughly researched guide on vintage and modern cast-iron cookware. For anyone interested in exploring the storied history of cast-iron cookware in the United States, this is a great place to start."—Peter Huntley, Founder and CEO, Stargazer Cast Iron

"What a great resource! With insights into vintage cast iron and firsthand accounts from modern makers leading the cast iron resurgence, Skilletheads is the definitive guide to cast-iron cookware."—Michael Griffin, FINEX brand director

"This book is a fantastic cross-section of the diverse collector community. It's a perfect justification that new collectors can show to their spouses to say, 'Look! I could be as bad as THESE guys!' Absolutely recommend for anyone who loves cast iron."—Ken Margraff, Cast Iron Savannah

"If you want to learn more about cast-iron cookware, this book might be your Bible. Ashley traces the history of the cast-iron cookware industry, shows us how to restore and care for our cast iron, and leaves us with some amazing recipes so that we can put our favorite pans to use. This book is a celebration of what we Skilletheads love about our tools."—Isaac Morton, founder of Smithey Ironware

"This book will either help you understand the addiction; or start a new one! This is a great place to reference any questions you might have about cast-iron cookware."—Matthew Bright, Orphaned Iron

"Ashley has put together the most comprehensive guide to understanding the obsession and countless details behind cast-iron cookware. While kitchen gadgets come and go, cast iron stands as a workhorse of the kitchen for years to come. Whether you are an aspiring collector or chef, Skilletheads is a must-read to understand the options and history of cast-iron skillets."—Eric Steckling, Marquette Castings

"I've spent over 8 years in the cast iron profession, and I still learned a thing or two from reading Skilletheads. Ashley's done a wonderful and thorough job exploring the topic from all angles and any developing skilletheads would be well served to pick up this book."—Stephen Muscarella, founder of Field Company

"Skilletheads is your all-in-one guide to cast-iron cookware. Ashley's done her due diligence in providing an accessible, thorough read for everyone from the novice chef to the serious collector. I only wish this resource had been available when I began my love of collecting, researching, and restoring vintage cast-iron cookware. Kudos, Ashley! You've outdone yourself!"—David Ragsdale, founder of What's Up Homerskillet?

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May 2, 2023
$24.00 USD

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