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August 11, 2004
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Sixty Acres and a Barn

A Novel

Sixty Acres and a Barn tells the captivating coming-of-age story of Luis Sarmento, an immigrant from the Azores who finds in America tolerance, prosperity, and emotional fulfillment. This fascinating slice of immigrant life in California dairy farming explores in lyrical, realistic, and insightful prose the obstacles faced by those who live in insular enclaves between cultures. Sixty Acres and a Barn will appeal to readers interested in Portuguese American literature, ethnic literature, immigrant literature, California regional literature, and dairy farms.

About the Authors

ALFRED LEWIS (1902–1977), born on the mid-Atlantic island of Flores, immigrated to California in 1922, studied law, and eventually served as a municipal judge in the San Joaquin Valley. He is the author of Home Is an Island. FRANK F. SOUSA received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is the Director of the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture and Professor of Portuguese at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. DONALD WARRIN specializes in the history and literature of Portuguese and Cape Verdean immigrants in the United States at the Regional Oral History Office at The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.


"Lewis' style and quality of the narrative is most refreshing. Some of his descriptive passages, in the pellucid simplicity and rich imagery, ring with the lyricism of poetry."—New York Times Book Review

"It is hoped that Mr. Lewis will inspire other descendants of Camoens . . . to take up the pen, to explore and relate the story of the Portuguese pioneers in California."—San Francisco Chronicle

"Through Lewis, the world of the small immigrant dairy farms and the newly arrived Portuguese who worked them live on the page forever. Memorable are the old, crusty ex-whaler and dairyman Madruga, the town's barber and pimp, Senhor de Castro, the lovely and love-crossed Ana Linhares, and a host of other characters (one thinks of Steinbeck's Cannery Row!) in this rich California valley."—Frank X. Gaspar, author of Leaving Pico

"Sixty Acres and a Barn, Alfred Lewis's last novel, offers up an immigrant's version of the Horatio Alger myth, in which an Azorean stranger learns the pragmatic ways of a new country, a bit of essential knowledge that, melding with his elemental Azorean traits, enables him to become a prosperous and productive citizen of California. In this well-plotted western, agrarian novel, the reader discovers as well how Alfredo Luís evolved into Alfred Lewis without ever ceasing to be, in the best of senses, a Portuguese immigrant from the Azores."—George Monteiro, author of The Presence of Pessoa
University of Massachusetts Press
Portuguese in the Americas Series

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