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July 1, 1996
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Siege Train

The Journal of a Confederate Artilleryman in the Defense of Charleston

Major Edward Manigault, one of the commanding officers ordered by General P. G. T. Beauregard to document his unit's daily operations, began a diary in July 1863 that would become one of the most informative records to survive the Civil War. Covering thirteen months of combat in one of the Confederacy's rare siege artillery units, Manigault's journal offers a day-by-day, at times hour-by-hour, account of life on the front lines. Especially notable for its description of artillery training, Manigault's diary vividly depicts his unit's participation in such well-known engagements as the battle for Battery Wagner and the attempt to sieze the U.S. gunboat Marblehead.

About the Author

Warren Ripley, a journalist and writer who lives in Charleston, South Carolina, is author of several books on military history, including Artillery and Ammunition in the Civil War.


"Many published diaries of participants in the War Between the States have appeared over the years, and this is one of the best."—News & Courier, Charleston, SC

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