August 22, 2003
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Sharp Cut

Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process

Best known as one of the most important playwrights of the twentieth century, Harold Pinter has also written many highly regarded screenplays, including Academy Award-nominated screenplays for The French Lieutenant's Woman and Betrayal , collaborations with English director Joseph Losey, and an unproduced script for the remake of Stanley Kubrick's 1962 adaptation of Lolita . In this definitive study of Pinter's screenplays, Steven H. Gale compares the scripts with their sources and the resulting films, analyzes their stages of development, and shows how Pinter creates unique works of art by extracting the essence from his source and rendering it in cinematic terms. Gale introduces each film, traces the events that led to the script's writing, examines critical reaction to the film, and provides an extensive bibliography, appendices, and an index.


"Named a Choice 2003 Academic Title."—

"A highly significant book both for Pinter studies and for the neglected analysis of the genre of film scripts. . . . This pioneering work will be a model for subsequent studies of film scripts."—Choice

"To say that [Steven Gale] is a master of the scholarship on Harold Pinter is an understatement.I have seldom agreed so much with an author's interpretations of a film artist as I do with [Gale's].This is a landmark in scholarship about the adaptation of fiction and drama to film by an author who know his subject (in both senses of the word) inside out. In particular he documents the collaboration of Harold Printer with film director Joseph Losey, which is one of the most celebrated creative associations of a writer and director in cinema history."—Gene D. Phillips

"Such a volume was refreshing to read and gave me faith in scholarship—again."—Peter C. Rollins

9780813122441 : sharp-cut-gale
544 Pages
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