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Shaping Seattle Architecture, second edition

A Historical Guide to the Architects, Second Edition

The first edition of Shaping Seattle Architecture, published in 1994, introduced readers to Seattle's architects by showcasing the work of those who were instrumental in creating the region's built environment. Twenty years later, the second edition updates and expands the original with new information and illustrations that provide an even richer exploration of Seattle architecture.

The book begins with a revised introduction that brings the story of Seattle architecture into the twenty-first century and situates developments in Seattle building design within local and global contexts. The book's fifty-four essays present richly illustrated profiles that describe the architects' careers, provide an overview of their major works, and explore their significance.

Shaping Seattle Architecture celebrates a wide range of people who helped form the region's built environment. It provides updated information about many of the architects and firms profiled in the first edition. Four individuals newly included in this second edition are Edwin J. Ivey, a leading residential designer; Fred Bassetti, an important contributor to Northwest regional modernism; L. Jane Hastings, one of the region's foremost women in architecture; and Richard Haag, founder of the landscape architecture program at the University of Washington and designer of Gas Works Park and the Bloedel Reserve.

The book also includes essays on the buildings of the Coast Salish people, who inhabited Puget Sound prior to Euro-American settlement; the role that architects played in speculative housing developments before and after World War II; and the vernacular architecture built by nonprofessionals that makes up a portion of the fabric of the city.

Shaping Seattle Architecture concludes with a substantial reference section, updated to reflect the last twenty years of research and publications. A locations appendix offers a geographic guide to surviving works. The research section directs interested readers to further resources, and the appendix "Additional Significant Seattle Architects" provides thumbnail sketches of nearly 250 important figures not included in the main text.

About the Author

Jeffrey Karl Ochsner is professor of architecture and associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Built Environments, University of Washington. He is the author of Lionel H. Pries, Architect, Artist, Educator and Furniture Studio and coauthor of Distant Corner: Seattle Architects and the Legacy of H. H. Richardson. Shaping Seattle Architecture was guided by an editorial board including Dennis A. Andersen, Duane A. Dietz, Katheryn Hills Krafft, David A. Rash, and Thomas Veith.


"Shaping Seattle Architecture reminds us of the responsibility we bear for future generations. Well illustrated and accessibly written, the book is a fundamental work for anyone seeking to understand Seattle."—Sally J. Clark, Seattle City Council Member and Chair of the Council's Housing Affordability, Human Services, and Economic Resiliency Committee

"Shaping Seattle Architecture is the single indispensable guide to understanding the built environment of the Pacific Northwest's largest city and the men and women who designed it. Based on meticulous research and enlivened by fresh insights and new discoveries, the book is both an essential resource for students of architecture and history and a fascinating guide for anyone who cares about the city we live in now."—Leonard Garfield, executive director, Museum of History & Industry

University of Washington Press
second edition

9780295746449 : shaping-seattle-architecture-2nd-edition-ochsner
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