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August 13, 1999
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Seven for the Apocalypse

A dazzling new collection carries Reed's trademark blend of sentiment and sting.

Seven for the Apocalypse brings together Kit Reed's powerful 1994 novella with seven short stories about love and isolation. A work of metaphysical science fiction and a finalist for the Tiptree award, Little Sisters of the Apocalypse interweaves two stories. The first follows a motorcycle gang of radical nuns on their mission to save an island of women, abandoned by the men who have gone to war, from a band of outlaws. Of course, not all of the women need, or want, to be saved. The second narrative traces the long-term illness and eventual death of the author's mother, herself a World War II widow. The accompanying short stories, never before collected, include the highly acclaimed "River," "The Singing Marine," and "Voyager." These intense, intelligent tales take a hard and often humorous look at the myths we create in order to comfort ourselves, myths whose danger lies in their very perfection.

About the Author

Novelist KIT REED's many books include Weird Women, Wired Women (1998), J. Eden (1996), and Catholic Girls (1987). As Kit Craig, she is also author of four psychothrillers.


"Her humorous, ironic prose could best be described as The Feminine Mystique meets The Twilight Zone. Her surreal short stories provide a unique commentary on the role of women in America from the 1950s to the present."—Booklist
Wesleyan University Press

9780819563828 : seven-for-the-apocalypse-reed
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