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Selected Letters of A. M. A. Blanchet

Bishop of Walla Walla and Nesqualy (1846-1879)

In 1846, French Canadian-born A. M. A. Blanchet was named the first Catholic bishop of Walla Walla in the area soon to become Washington Territory. He arrived at Fort Walla Walla in late September 1847, part of the largest movement over the Oregon Trail to date. During the thirty-two years of Blanchet's tenure in the Northwest, the region underwent profound social and political change as the Hudson's Bay Company moved headquarters and many operations north following the Oregon Treaty, U.S. government and institutions were established, and Native American inhabitants dealt with displacement and discrimination. Blanchet chronicled both his own pastoral and administrative life and his observations on the world around him in a voluminous correspondence-almost nine hundred letters-to religious superiors and colleagues in Montreal, Paris, and Rome; funding organizations; other missionaries; and U.S. officials. This selection of Blanchet's letters provides a fascinating view of Washington Territory as seen through the eyes of an intelligent, devout, energetic, perceptive, and occasionally irascible cleric and administrator.

Almost all of Blanchet's correspondence was in French. Roberta Stringham Brown and Patricia O'Connell Killen have chosen forty-five of those letters to translate and annotate, creating a history of early Washington that provides new insights into relationships, events, and personalities. A number of the letters provide first-hand glimpses of familiar events, such as the Whitman tragedy, the California gold rush, Indian wars and land displacement, transportation advances, and the domestic material culture of a frontier borderland. Others voice the hardships of historically underrepresented groups, including Native Americans, Metis, and French Canadians, and the experiences of ordinary people in growing population centers such as Seattle, Walla Walla, and Vancouver, Wash-ington. Still others describe the struggle to bring social, medical, and educational institutions to the region, a struggle in which women religious workers played a key role. The letters-and the editors' fascinating annotations-provide an engaging and insightful look at an important period in the history of the Pacific Northwest and southwest Canada.

About the Authors

Roberta Stringham Brown is professor of French emertia at Pacific Lutheran University. Patricia O'Connell Killen is professor of religious studies and academic vice president at Gonzaga University.


"This selection of 45 letters by the first Catholic Bishop of Walla Walla provides a view of early Washington history through the eyes of an intelligent and perceptive cleric and administrator."—Seattle Times, 2013

"This is an expertly translated and edited collection[that]will appeal to scholars, students, and general interest readers in the Pacific Northwest history. Brown and Killen have made accessible a set of primary sources that give voice to lesser known historical actors, including French Canadian and French-Indian settlers and Catholic female missionaries."—Melinda Marie Jette, Oregon Historical Quarterly

"Through careful selection and judicious interpretation, the editors have teased out the complicated life and personality of Blanchet as he confronted a tangled mission worldBrown and Killen are to be applauded for bringing attention to this bishop of the Northwest and doing so with the highest standards of scholarship."—Anne M. Butler, American Catholic Studies

"These letters illuminate the cultural, ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity of the Pacific Northwest and collectively challenge several traditional historiographical narratives. This book will be useful to historians of American religion in general and American Catholicism in particular, as well as those who study the Pacific Northwest."—Nicholas Pellegrino, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

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