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Seattle Walks

Discovering History and Nature in the City

Seattle is often listed as one of the most walkable cities in the United States. With its beautiful scenery, miles of non-motorized trails, and year-round access, Seattle is an ideal place to explore on foot.

In Seattle Walks, David B. Williams weaves together the history, natural history, and architecture of Seattle to paint a complex, nuanced, and fascinating story. He shows us Seattle in a new light and gives us an appreciation of how the city has changed over time, how the past has influenced the present, and how nature is all around us—even in our urban landscape.

These walks vary in length and topography and cover both well-known and surprising parts of the city. While most are loops, there are a few one-way adventures with an easy return via public transportation. Ranging along trails and sidewalks, the walks lead to panoramic views, intimate hideaways, architectural gems, and beautiful greenways. With Williams as your knowledgeable and entertaining guide, encounter a new way to experience Seattle.

A Michael J. Repass Book

About the Author

David B. Williams is a freelance writer focused on the intersection of people and the natural world. His most recent book was Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle's Topography, which won the 2016 Virginia Marie Folkins Award, given by the Association of King County Historical Organizations to an outstanding historical publication. Other books include Stories in Stone: Travels Through Urban Geology and The Seattle Street-Smart Naturalist: Field Notes from the City. Williams is coauthor of Waterway: The Story of Seattle's Locks and Ship Canal. He lives in Seattle and continues to explore and travel through the city by foot and by bike.


"I could go on and on—every stop in the book seems to have an embedded mystery. . . . Chances are good that your neighborhood is in this book. Find and explore your own."—Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times

"Williams encourages readers to slow down and look at the city through a pedestrian's eyes. It's a worthy cause. . . . Williams actually gets you out onto the streets, where the history happened, and that makes everything seem closer and more relevant. . . . Seattle Walks is all about that feeling, of seeing familiar streets through new eyes. All it takes is a good guide, a slowing-down of your pace, and a willingness to stop and look up every once in a while."—Paul Constant, Seattle Review of Books

"Williams is an engaging writer who does his homework and packs the history into his books with a trowel."—Matt Fleagle, Mercer Island Books

"He's at the very top of the list when it comes to covering our region's past."—James Crossley, Mercer Island Books

"A hit."—Seattle Times


"Engaging, information-packed walks in the hands of a skillful guide."—Judy Bentley, author of Walking Washington's History: Ten Cities and Hiking Washington's History

"David's approach to teaching history through these guided walks is engaging and seemingly effortless. He fills a gap in the understanding of the urban environment."—Lawrence Kreisman, Program Director of Historic Seattle

"David B. Williams's writing about Seattle's social and natural history, with its often-surprising tales about how the city was built, has established him as one of our most expert and entertaining interpreters. Whether you're a curious longtime resident or a newcomer looking to get the lay of the land, this book is for you. David will lure you outside to experience Seattle's fascinating sights and stories for yourself."—Jake and Cathy Jaramillo, authors of Seattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods

"What a gem of a book! David Williams has accomplished something very special in Seattle Walks: he re-introduces us to our great city with stories, historical nuggets and detailed descriptions. These walks, each accessible and welcoming year-round, are inviting to visitors, both those of us new to Seattle and who have lived here a long time – I learned something new with every walk!"—Karen Daubert, former director of Washington Trails Association and Seattle Parks Foundation

"Seattle Walks draws an important connection between our past and present. David's inviting words will inspire you to lace up your shoes and explore unique Seattle neighborhood landscapes by foot."—Lisa Quinn, executive director, Feet First

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Paperback / softback
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