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December 21, 2007
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Seattle Architecture

A Walking Guide to Downtown

Winner of Historic Seattle's Preservation Education and Publications Award

Seattle Architecture: A Walking Guide to Downtown
opens with an historical overview and timeline featuring the people and events that have shaped the Seattle that we know today. The guidebook is divided into nine tours beginning where Seattle did, at Pioneer Square, and ending at Seattle Center, the location of the futuristic-themed 1962 Century 21 World's Fair. The front flap folds out, providing a map of the areas covered in the book.

Each tour is accompanied by an introduction and area map with points of interest identified by numbers that correspond to individual entries. Architect names and dates of completion are provided at the beginning of each entry, and an icon indicates when a building is on a local or national landmarks register.

About the Author

Maureen R. Elenga lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter.


"Seattle Architecture is a splendid resource. . . . a compact guide to Seattle's downtown corridor."—Seattle Times

"If you like architecture and you love Seattle, we have the book for you. Seattle Architecture is finally available, and it's fetchingly cool."—Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"This is a book that we have been waiting for someone to tackle for decades. Seattle Architecture is the first effort to assemble an up—to—date, factually accurate review of buildings downtown that is also compelling and readable. The joy of discovery that comes when someone remarks 'I never noticed that before,' is now in the hands of every resident and visitor to Seattle."—Lawrence Kreisman

"Maureen Elenga and the Seattle Architecture Foundation have done a great service in providing an up—to—date guide to downtown buildings and sites. Drawing on detailed research in building records, this book is a model in terms of accuracy and level of detail. This guide will make our downtown environment accessible to a wide audience, and will be useful to professionals and policy—makers as well."—Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, University of Washington

Seattle Architecture Foundation

9780615141299 : seattle-architecture-elenga
Paperback / softback
352 Pages
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