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December 4, 2006
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Saving Puget Sound

A Conservation Strategy for the 21st Century

John Lombard was named Conservationist of the Year by Northwest Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration.

The North Pacific International Chapter of the American Fisheries Society awarded Lombard the Haig-Brown Award for environmental writing.

No other developed area in the world matches the Puget Sound region's combination of beauty, wealth, natural resiliency, and history of environmental concern. Saving Puget Sound develops a practical proposal to conserve the Puget Sound region's most important ecosystems in the face of long-term population growth, drawing lessons that are relevant across the Northwest and in other parts of the country. It provides both a vision for conservation and a detailed review of the political and legal issues that must be at the core of any practical strategy to achieve it.

About the Author

John Lombard is senior policy analyst at Steward and Associates, an environmental consulting firm, and at the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and wise use of fisheries resources in the Pacific Northwest. Previously he was King County coordinator for salmon recovery planning in the Lake Washington watershed.


"An ambitious volume. . . . an important book for those who want to better understand the issues facing Puget Sound and other similarly stressed ecosystems."—Quarterly Review of Biology

"Saving Puget Sound at first glance might seem specific only to Washington collections— but its conservation issues and lessons hold wider insights for any natural spot in the country, and so Saving Puget Sound is a top pick for any library— especially at the college level— specializing in conservation issues and applied strategies."—California Bookwatch


"A refreshing blast of common sense that cuts through the feel-good politics and half-measures masquerading as salmon recovery policy."—David R. Montgomery, author of King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon

"Cleaning up Puget Sound is our generation's responsibility. We cannot run from this challenge; we cannot wait for others to lead the way. We must act now. We need critical thinkers like John Lombard if we are to solve the many layers of issues we face. I hope people listen very carefully to what John has to say."—Ron Sims, King County Executive

"John Lombard challenges us to take an honest look at the Sound as a whole. We've destroyed it bit by bit, as if one piece had nothing to do with the rest of it. This book helps us see and understand the big picture. I hope it will also inspire action - now."—Kathy Fletcher, Executive Director, People for Puget Sound

"Saving Puget Sound does not take a conventionally 'environmentalist' approach to conserving our natural heritage. John Lombard obviously cares about our environment, but he also cares about property rights, agriculture, and making sure that rural people get the respect and influence they deserve in a regional conservation strategy. I recommend his book highly."—Don Stuart, Pacific Northwest Regional Director, American Farmland Trust

"Saving Puget Sound includes a comprehensive history and analysis of environmental policy and law across a huge range of complex, knotty, and contentious topics: salmon management, forest management, water rights, treaty rights, and land use planning. The knowledge and work it represents are immense."—William Dietrich, author of Natural Grace: The Charm, Wonder, and Lessons of Pacific Northwest Animals and Plants

"Chock-full of valuable information."—Robert McClure, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"A refreshing blast of common sense that cuts through the feel—good politics and half—measures masquerading as salmon recovery policy."—David R. Montgomery, author of King of Fish: The Thousand—Year Run of Salmon

University of Washington Press

9780295986746 : saving-puget-sound-lombard
Paperback / softback
$35.00 USD

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