April 28, 2006
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Same-Sex Marriage

The Legal and Psychological Evolution in America

A persuasive history and clearly argued case for same-sex marriage

Few recent topics have claimed as much media and political attention as the fight for the right of same-sex couples to marry legally. Striking at the heart of beliefs about sexuality, marriage, family, and child-rearing, the debate has touched off national and international debate. In this practical guide to the issues and their history, the authors present the issues as a courtroom case would be presented to the jury—with an opening statement, expert testimony, and a closing argument in support of same-sex marriage. Chapters explore how we have arrived at our current understandings of homosexuality and marriage, the impact of same-sex marriage on same-sex relationships and families, the practical civil benefits denied to persons who are not allowed to marry, and the 40-year evolution in the law as it relates to sex and reproduction. This book provides a reasoned and informed history of the subject, and is ideal for readers in government, social work, and the law—and anyone curious about where this contentious issue is headed.

About the Authors

DONALD J. CANTOR and CAMPBELL D. BARRETT are lawyers with practices in Hartford, Connecticut. ELIZABETH CANTOR is a licensed clinical psychologist in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. JAMES C. BLACK is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut. Donald Cantor and James Black co-authored Child Custody (1989).


"This collection of eight essays by two attorneys and two psychologists sets itself apart in the crowded field of books about same-sex marriage by condensing dozens of dense volumes worth of legalese and psychobabble into a surprisingly readable overview... Readers who want to get quickly up to speed on the case for same-sex marriage will want to give this book a look."—Publishers Weekly


"A wonderful resource on the case law and psychological literature regarding same-sex marriage and lesbian and gay parenting. The arguments presented are both balanced and persuasive."—Mark Strasser, author of On Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, and the Rule of Law

"This well-documented analysis of psychological studies and legal decisions argues that legalization of same-sex marriage is inevitable. A welcome and timely voice based on practical experience in family court."—Maria J. Trumpler, Assistant Professor of Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Wesleyan University

9780819568120 : same-sex-marriage-cantor-cantor-black
212 Pages
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