October 1, 2012
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Saints of the Christianization Age of Central Europe

Tenth to Eleventh Centuries

This volume is the first of two containing hagiographical narratives from medieval Central Europe. The lives of the saints in this volume, from the tenth to eleventh centuries, written not much later, are telling witnesses for the process of Christianization of Bohemia, Poland, Hungary and Dalmatia. Most of them became patrons of their region and highly venerated throughout the Middle Ages. The volume presents the first English translation of a legend of each of these saints with the most recent critical edition of the Latin original and prefaces discussing the textual tradition. In an appendix the extensive hagiographical literature of the saints is being critically surveyed.

About the Authors

Gábor Klaniczay is University Professor of Medieval Studies at the Central European University. Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar is lecturer at the Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Department of Medieval History of Central European University. Marina Miladinov is lecturer of Church history and Latin at the Theological Faculty "Matthias Flacius Illyricus" in Zagreb. She is also one of the founding members and president of Hagiotheca—Croatian Hagiography Society and a free-lance translator in the fields of religious studies, arts, and humanities. Her interests reside in hagiography and the Reformation critique of the veneration of saints. 
Central European University Press

9786155225208 : saints-of-the-christianization-age-of-central-europe-klaniczay-ga-par-miladinov
418 Pages
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