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August 31, 2009
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Russian Feminism

Twenty Years Forward

This 35-minute DVD portrays how Russians and Americans collaborated in reviving women's activism in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia and in creating Russian women's studies on both sides of the ocean. The film is based on interviews with 18 experts who were engaged in this project, including activists and scholars. Participants assess the project's successes and failures since the days of glasnost and discuss the stiff challenges that Russian feminists face in the Putin-Medvedev era. An accompanying booklet with a short summary of Russian women's history contextualizes the film.

About the Authors

Beth Holmgren is Professor of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at Duke University. She is author of Women's Work in Stalin's Time (IUP, 1993); editor (with Helena Goscilo) of Russia, Women, Culture (IUP, 1996); and translator and editor (with Helena Goscilo) of Keys to Happiness by Anastasya Verbitskaya (IUP, 1999).

Igor Sopronenko is a documentary film director and videographer who moved to the United States from Russia in 1992. Currently based in Lexington, Kentucky, he has received awards for his films in the United States (The Humanities: The Heart of It All) and in Russia (Salt of the Earth).


"Hats off to Holmgren and Sopronenko for producing thislm. It will provide food for discussion in courses on Soviet and post-Soviet history, Russian feminism, and comparative feminisms for years to come. And it is an enormous tribute to those who initiated this dialogue in our field to begin with.Vol. 70, no. 1, Spring 2011"—Slavic Review
Indiana University Press

9780253354310 : russian-feminism-holmgren-sopronenko
DVD video
$21.95 USD

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