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January 1, 2009
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The Inuit Crew of the Jean Revillon

Stuck in the ice-pack during the winter of 1924-25, the Jean Revillon needed repair and a crew to make it back to its hauling location at Shelburne, Nova Scotia. And so, in 1925, Lionel Angotegoar, Athanasie Angutitaq, Louis Tapatai, and Savikataaq from the central Canadian Arctic manned the ship from Qamani'tuaq (Baker Lake), in contemporary Nunavut, to southern Canada. Having brought the ship to safe harbour, they spent the winter in the South and returned home the next spring. In relating their experience on their return they provided first-hand accounts of life in the South. Various points-of-view contribute to the broadest possible understanding of the journey, since the Inuit sailors, the Revillon family and the people associated with the shipbuilding industry or the fur trade were involved in the trip per se to various degrees.

About the Author

Fascinated by languages, Michelle Daveluy discovered sociolinguistics and the anthropology of language. Outside Quebec, she is interested in Nunavut and language issues in the workplace. She is part of the research team for the Inuit Leadership and Governance project in Nunavut and Nunavik.


"Roundtrip is not a history book per se.... This kind of research has now become the norm in Arctic anthropology and history. Yet very few books describe the researcher / research relationship in a more dynamic, thoughtful, and thorough manner. This is where the book is most successful. Roundtrip shows that successful, productive, and legitimate collaborative research is possible and even attainable in the Arctic. And for this reason, the book is worth a look."

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