October 10, 2012
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British Artists' Video in the 1970s & 1980s

This anthology explores the pioneering period of the British video art form that has become a hallmark of contemporary art. Drawing on interviews, ephemera, archived tapes, and installations from the period, Rewind brings together leading scholars in the field to lay the groundwork for a history of the people, activities, institutions, and interventions that made video art the one true avant-garde genre in 20th-century Great Britain.

About the Authors

Sean Cubitt is Director of Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne.

Stephen Partridge is Professor of Media Art at the University of Dundee.


"The informal collections excavated and archived by REWIND present a much needed history of British practices. . . in addition to the value produced around the standalone artwork and independent artist. Autumn 2013"—Screen

"This is an important title on its subject, presenting new information and critical analysis, and would be of interest to most libraries with collections in the fields of art history (contemporary art, British art), film and media history, and conservation studies."—Art Libraries Society of North America
John Libbey Publishing

9780861967063 : rewind-cubitt-partridge
256 Pages
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