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September 15, 2021
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Review of Allied Health Education: 3

Edited by Joseph Hamburg
A valuable appraisal of current developments in the rapidly expanding field of allied health education is provided in these nine original articles by leaders in the field. Most of the articles examine specific areas of training—programs for emergency medical technicians, nurse practitioners, rehabilitation counselors, respiratory therapists, dietitians, and social workers. Others are focused more generally on the burgeoning field of allied health education as a whole. This series seeks, through enlightened and descriptive commentary, to help bind the health professions into a true alliance, and to guide those entering training for careers of human service.

About the Author

Joseph Hamburg, M.D., is dean of the College of Allied Health Professions at the University of Kentucky.


"Clarifies educational problems that are common to all health professions and lends immediacy to what we know but find hard to program—that the alliance of health professions increases the effectiveness of individual professions as well as the effectiveness of the entire health services field."—American Journal of Occupational Therapy

"Required reading for all health professionals who seek to stay current with the mainstreams of education and service in the allied health professions"—Edmund D. Pellegrino

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