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December 10, 1981
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Rethinking Ukrainian History

Essays reexamine major aspects of Ukrainian history including Kyivan Rus', the Ukrainian nobility and elites, Cossack Ukraine and the Turco-Islamic World, the growth and development of Ukrainian cities, the evolution of the Ukrainian literary language, the role of the city in Ukrainian history and the urbanization of Ukrainian cities since the Second World War. Contributors: Omeljan Pritsak, Frank E. Sysyn, Zenon E. Kohut, Orest Subtelny, Patricia Herlihy, Steven L. Guthier, Roman Szporluk, Peter Woroby, George Y. Shevelov.

About the Author

Ivan L. Rudnytsky (1919-84) was Professor of History at the University of Alberta and Associate Director of the CIUS. He is the author of Istorychnyi ese: dva tomy and Essays in Modern Ukrainian History.

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