December 4, 1992
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Respiratory Control

Central and Peripheral Mechanisms

Understanding of the respiratory control system has been greatly improved by technological and methodological advances. This volume integrates results from many perspectives, brings together diverse approaches to the investigations, and represents important additions to the field of neural control of breathing.

Topics include membrane properties of respiratory neurons, in vitro studies of respiratory control, chemical neuroanatomy, central integration of respiratory afferents, modulation of respiratory pattern by peripheral afferents, respiratory chemoreception, development of respiratory control, behavioral control of breathing, and human ventilatory control.

Forty-seven experts in the field report research and discuss novel issues facing future investigations in this collection of papers from an international conference of nearly two hundred leading scientists held in October 1990. This research is of vital importance to respiratory physiologists and those in neurosciences and neurobiology who work with integrative sensory and motor systems and is pertinent to both basic and clinical investigations.

Respiratory Control is destined to be widely cited because of the strength of the contributors and the dearth of similar works.

About the Authors

The four editors are affiliated with the University of Kentucky: Dexter F. Speck is associate professor of physiology and biophysics, Michael S. Dekin is assistant professor of biological sciences, W. Robert Revelette is research scientist of physiology and biophysics, and Donald A. Frazier is professor and chairman of physiology and biophysics.


"Experts in the field report current research and discuss novel issues facing future investigations."—SciTech Book News
University Press of Kentucky

9780813117881 : respiratory-control-speck-dekin-revelette
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