May 10, 2009
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Resolving International Conflicts

While focusing on international private law and international arbitration, the essays also address the questions of constitutional law and legal philosophy. State-of-the-art contributions, covering a wide scope from the practical analysis of American arbitration policy and the position of the USA vis-à-vis international law, through the latest developments in German legal practice, to theoretical issues of jurisdiction. Especially rich is the volume in exploring the legal dimension of the European integration process.

About the Authors

Lajos Vékás is Professor of Law at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.

Yehuda Elkana (1934–2012) was historian and philosopher of science, former President and Rector of Central European University (1999–2009).

Nenad Dimitrijevic teaches political theory at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. He taught at Law School, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia before joining the faculty at CEU. He has published on a variety of topics in the fields of constitutional theory, moral responsibility, and transitional justice. 

Central European University Press

9789639776463 : resolving-international-conflicts-hay-vekas-elkana
348 Pages
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