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August 24, 2015
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Renewing the Mind

A Reader in the Philosophy of Catholic Education

Edited by Ryan Topping
No other living tradition has been thinking about thinking longer than the Catholic Church. With carefully selected readings from classical, patristic, medieval, modern, and contemporary sources, Renewing the Mind proposes the Catholic tradition as the noblest and best hope for a recovery of humane learning in our time. Edited by theologian and philosopher Ryan N.S. Topping, this anthology draws from a range of classical and contemporary philosophers - from Plato and Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas, Newman to Chesterton to Benedict XVI - to reconstruct and illustrate the enduring vitality of the Catholic tradition of thinking about thinking. Parts One, Two, and Three take up the essential characteristics which define all learning activity: its purpose (or end), its form and content (or curriculum), and its method (or pedagogy). With an eye to meeting the challenge of the present crisis in education, Part Four illustrates the contemporary renewal of Catholic education. Included are selections that speak not only to liberal or general education but to a variety of contexts in which Catholics are called to study or teach: at home, at school, in college, or in the seminary. Renewing the Mind includes an introductory essay on the history and renewal of Catholic education, followed by 38 selections each with an introduction, biography, and study questions; adorning the text throughout are illustrations from the National Gallery of Art. Educators of children and college students will find this an essential guide to the best of what has been said about what it means to be conformed to the mind of Christ.

About the Author

RYAN N.S. TOPPING is at the Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, Merrimack, NH and the author of Happiness and Wisdom (CUA Press).
The Catholic University of America Press

9780813227313 : renewing-the-mind-topping
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