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October 9, 2019
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Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth

Malcolm Forsyth (1936–2011) was a musical legend: a much-loved composer, performer, teacher, and mentor. Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth presents a captivating and approachable portrait of one of Canada's finest modern composers. Readers will discover both public and private sides to the man and gain fresh insights from critical assessments of a broad range of Forsyth's compositions, his continuing popular appreciation, and his lasting influence on the next generation of musicians and music scholars. Drawing from the perspectives of leading scholars, composers, and musicians, as well as on those of family, friends, students, and colleagues, Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth honours the rich life and cultural significance of this exceptional creative mind. It is important reading for music students and researchers, professional performers, and anyone who loves contemporary music.

Contributors: Tommy Banks, Allan Gordon Bell, Nora Bumanis, Robin Elliott, Amanda Forsyth, Valerie Forsyth, Allan Gilliland, Carl Hare, Mary I. Ingraham, Edward Jurkowski, Ryan McClelland, John McPherson, Fordyce C. (Duke) Pier, Roxane Prevost, Kathy Primos, Tanya Prochazka, Leonard Ratzlaff, Rayfield Rideout, Robert C. Rival, Julia Shaw, Dale Sorensen, Christopher Taylor

About the Authors

Mary I. Ingraham is Dean of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge. Robert C. Rival is a composer and scholar who teaches at the University of Ottawa.


"Reflections On Malcolm Forsyth has obvious interest for musicologists, but also tells an uncommon and compelling tale of an immigrant who fell under Canada's spell."—Holly Doan


"Multiple JUNO Award–winner Malcolm Forsyth is one of Canada's most performed, celebrated, and inspirational composers. His works were commissioned by iconic Canadian performers, who took them into their repertoires to perform across the country and internationally. His influence continues to be felt through the prominence and success of his former composition students. Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth provides an engaging introduction to and appraisal of his life, works, and career."—Troy Ducharme, Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University

"Through musical analysis, personal reminiscences, and contextualizing essays, the contributors introduce the reader to Malcolm Forsyth as a complete figure—an immigrant to Canada, a husband, father, friend, mentor, and collaborator, and a significant contemporary Canadian composer."—Dr. Marion MacLeod

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288 Pages
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