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February 28, 2007
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Redrawing Boundaries

Perspectives on Western American Art

Memorial to a passing era? Mistress to history? Illustration of popular legend? Where is the art in traditional narrative western art? Is it kitsch or kunst? Six writers on art and popular culture survey the terrain of western art in the twenty-first century, tracing and refining its boundaries in the areas of aesthetics and national identity. Their sharp-eyed observations support a newly emerging history of western art that places it in a social, psychological, and political—as well as aesthetic—context. The result is a refreshing, vigorous, and substantial contribution in America art history.

About the Author

Peter M. Hassrick is director of the Denver Art Museum's Institute of Western American Art. The other contributors include Brian W. Dippie, Erika Doss, Patricia Limerick, Angela Miller, Martha A. Sandweiss, and William H. Truettner.


"Written by some of the most prominent, perceptive, and prolific historians of western art, the essays explore a remarkable array of issues for a volume so slim."—New Mexico Historical Review

"These essays provide insight into the development of collections of western art, the representation of western art themes and subjects in popular culture, photography as a vital theme in western art, and the image of the West in western art. An engaging analysis of a fascinating, significant topic..Recommended."—Choice

University of Washington Press

9780914738558 : redrawing-boundaries-hassrick
Paperback / softback
$22.95 USD

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