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January 15, 2013
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Recognition and Modes of Knowledge

Anagnorisis from Antiquity to Contemporary Theory

Anagnorisis, or recognition, has played a central role in the arts and humanities throughout history. It is a universal mode of knowledge in literature and the arts; in sacred texts and scholastic writing; in philosophy; in psychology; in politics and social theory. Recognition is a phenomenon and a fulcrum that makes these discourses possible. To date, no one has attempted a comprehensive discussion of recognition across disciplines, places, and historical periods. Recognition and Modes of Knowledge is the culmination of an interdisciplinary conference on recognition with contributions from international authorities, including Piero Boitani, Roland Le Huenen, Rachel Adelman, and Christina Tarnopolsky. Students and experts in the humanities who desire a rich grounding in the concept of recognition should start with this book.

About the Authors

Teresa G. Russo is an educator, scholar, poet, and PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. She lives in Woodbridge, Ontario.

9780888645586 : recognition-and-modes-of-knowledge-russo-adelman-boitani
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