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August 19, 2011
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Purple Flat Top

In Pursuit of a Place

When a mining claim on a crumbling cliff of burnt-rose quartzite lured naturalist Jack Nisbet to the northeastern corner of Washington State in 1970, he began a search for an understanding of that open country through stories about the people who lived there and the everyday events he shared with them. Together, these vivid, engaging, and subtly humorous stories evoke the essence of this place.

About the Author

Jack Nisbet is a writer, teacher, and naturalist. He is the author of several books, including The Collector and Sources of the River, the winner of the Washington Governor's Writers Award, the Murray Morgan Prize, and the Idaho Book of the Year. He lives in Spokane, Washington.


"Purple Flat Top may sharpen our sense of wonder and respect for the wide open spaces east of here and the people who inhabit them."—Mike Dillon, City Living, February 2012

"Nesbit writes in a simple and clear voice, but also with a powerful gift for observation and reflection. . . . Purple Flat Top is worth revisiting if it has been read before or experiencing fully anew if it has not."—Roni K. Devlin, Shelf Awareness, December 2011

"With humor and poignancy, Purple Flat Top is a fine assortment, very much recommended for any literary short fiction collection."—Midwest Book Review

"At once wry and compassionate, these crisply written vignettes impart a spirited, substantial nourishment as they describe a particular American landscape."—Booklist

"A fine, gracefully written combination of bird-watching, people-watching, and regional history."—Kirkus


"In Jack Nisbet, an unsung corner of the West has found its troubadour."—Ivan Doig

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