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January 1, 1997
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Protest In Belgrade

Winter of Discontent

Edited by Mladen Lazic
Protest in Belgrade addresses one of the most important social movements of this decade - the civil and student peace demonstrations which took place in Belgrade during the winter of 1996/97. The demonstrations, the largest ever in history, were in response to Milošević's nullifying of the results of local elections in fourteen towns in Serbia which created global media attention and attracted worldwide sympathy. This in-depth study of a society calling for democracy is based on interviews with over 1000 civilians and students. The book is unique because much of the research was carried out and completed while the demonstrations were still in progress and before the outcome of events was known. A chronology of events is also included. The book provides an abundance of valuable information for analysts of post-socialist transformation, researchers of social movements and social change, and for all those concerned with the tragic events in Southeast Europe.

9789639116450 : protest-in-belgrade-lazic
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