July 17, 2009
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Preston Singletary

Echoes, Fire, and Shadows

For nearly two decades, Preston Singletary has straddled two unique cultures, melding his Tlingit ancestry with the dynamism of the Studio Glass Movement. In the process, he has created an extraordinarily distinctive and powerful body of work that depicts cultural and historical images in richly detailed, beautifully hued glass. Singletary has translated the visual vocabulary of patterns, narratives, and systems of Native woodcarving and painted art into glass, a material historically associated with Native peoples through an extensive network of trading routes.

Singletary entered the world of glassblowing as an assistant, mastering the techniques of the European tradition as he worked alongside Seattle-area artists such as Benjamin Moore and Dante Marioni. He also had opportunities to learn the secrets of the Venetian glass masters while working with Italian legends Lino Tagliapietra and Pino Signoretto. The Northwest Native icons, supernatural beings, transformative themes, animal spirits, shamanism, and basketry design of Singletary's Tlingit heritage are manifested in his work, creating a unique whole that resonates on many levels and reveals a new artistic direction.

This mid-career retrospective of his work includes contributions by Melissa G. Post, Steven Clay Brown, and Walter Porter, as well as a DVD of Singletary working in his studio.

Preston Singletary's works are in museum collections around the world, including the National Museum of the American Indian; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Seattle Art Museum; Corning Museum of Glass; Mint Museum of Art; the Heard Museum; and the Handelsbanken (Stockholm, Sweden).

About the Author

Melissa G. Post is curator at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. She served previously as curator at the Mint Museum of Craft + Design and assistant curator at the Corning Museum of Glass.


"Singletary's remarkable work combines his Native American background with contemporary influences, producing truly unique pieces of art. The second section is a beautiful exhibition of Singletary's work, with 90 pages full of stunning glass. This volume serves as the artist's first mid-career survey; we can expect much more from Singletary in the years to come."—American Style

"This stunning retrospective of Singletary's career includes a bonus DVD featuring Singletary at work in his studio."—Everett Public Library

"[This] is a full dress, full color art book that accompanies Singletary's mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. In three essays . . . Singletary's life and work are put into perspective. The catalog pages themselves, with one art object to a page, are the next best thing to making the trek to the Museum of Glass."—Seattle City Living

"With the show at the Museum of Glass and a beautiful career retrospective coffee-table-book catalog to go with it, Singletary is clearly hitting a career peak."—The Seattle Times

University of Washington Press

9780295989181 : preston-singletary-post
152 Pages
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