April 10, 2019
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Preston Singletary

Raven and the Box of Daylight

The story Raven and the Box of Daylight, which tells how Raven transformed the world and brought light to the people by releasing the stars, moon, and sun, holds great significance to the Tlingit people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. A new body of work by artist Preston Singletary (American, born 1963) will immerse readers in Tlingit traditions by telling this story through his monumental glass works and installations.

Primarily known for his celebration of Tlingit art and design, Singletary will explore new ways of working with glass inspired by Tlingit design principles. Tlingit objects were traditionally used to show wealth and tell stories by representing elements of the natural world, as well as the histories of individual families. By drawing upon this tradition, Singletary's art creates a unique theatrical atmosphere, in which the pieces follow and enhance a narrative. This book includes texts that place Singletary's work within the wider histories of both glass art and native arts traditions—especially the art of spoken-word storytelling. Also included are a biography and an interview with the artist.

About the Authors

Miranda Belarde-Lewis (Zuni and Tlingit) is an independent curator based in Seattle. She has taught at Northwest Indian College and the University of Washington. She is enrolled at Zuni Pueblo and a member of the Takdeintaan Clan of the Tlingit Nation. John Drury is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn. He has taught glass art Pilchuck Glass School, UrbanGlass, and the Glass Furnace in Instanbul. His writings have appeared in Raw Vision and ArtNet, among other publications.

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