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March 2, 2000
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Preserving Cultural Landscapes in America

Historic preservation efforts began with an emphasis on buildings, especially those associated with significant individuals, places, or events. Subsequent efforts were expanded to include vernacular architecture, but only in recent decades have preservationists begun shifting focus to the land itself. Cultural landscapes—such as farms, gardens, and urban parks—are now seen as projects worthy of the preservationist's attention. To date, however, no book has addressed the critical issues involved in cultural landscape preservation.

In Preserving Cultural Landscapes in America, Arnold R. Alanen and Robert Z. Melnick bring together a distinguished group of contributors to address the complex academic and practical questions that arise when people set out to designate and preserve a cultural landscape. Beginning with a discussion of why cultural landscape preservation is important, the authors explore such topics as the role of nature and culture, the selling of heritage landscapes, urban parks and cemeteries, Puerto Rican neighborhoods in New York City, vernacular landscapes in small towns and rural areas, ethnographic landscapes, Asian American imprints on the western landscape, and integrity as a value in cultural landscape preservation.

Contributors: Arnold R. Alanen, University of Wisconsin-Madison • Luis Aponte-Perés, University of Massachusetts-Boston • Gail Lee Dubrow, University of Washington, Seattle • Richard Francaviglia, University of Texas, Arlington • Donald L. Hardesty, University of Nevada, Reno • Catherine Howett, University of Georgia, Athens • Robert Z. Melnick, University of Oregon • Patricia M. O'Donnell, Historic Preservation Consultant, Charlotte, Vermont • David Schuyler, Franklin & Marshall College

About the Authors

Arnold R. Alanen is a professor of landscape architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the coauthor of Main Street Ready-Made: The New Deal Community of Greendale, Wisconsin and Nordic Environment: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Robert Z. Melnick is a professor of landscape architecture and dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon, Eugene. He is the coeditor of Yearbook of Landscape Architecture: Historic Preservation.


There may be no area of landscape architectural practice today that is more actively changing or more important. The contributors to this volume have carried the banner of cultural landscape preservation forward into even deeper waters.

- Joseph Chambers - Journal of the New England Garden History Society

The authors of the nine essays... raise a host of issues relevant to landscape study... By concentrating on the ideas that underlie the modern preservation movement, the editors have contributed to the wider realm of landscape studies.

- Thomas Harvey - Historical Geography
Johns Hopkins University Press
Center Books on Contemporary Landscape Design
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