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June 15, 2017
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Presence and Absence

A Philosophical Investigation of Language and Being

"Presence and Absence is a book of importance for all who are actively engaged in the philosophical enterprise, whatever their differing persuasions. It shows philosophy to be flourishing in the midst of its own self-proclaimed signs of morbidity." – The Review of Metaphysics

"A splendid, provocative and profound work, this book explores the manifold ways in which the contrast of presence and absence operate to establish the possibility of human discourse and truthfulnessbelongs in every philosophy collection." – Choice

"Quite simply a superb book, which deserves more than one careful reading. A fresh, unified treatment of a grand philosophical theme, the theme of the connections between thought, truth, and being." – Man and World

"A thoughtful book about thoughtfulness and truthfulness and their ontological conditions. Simply put, this is a book that will reward its careful reader a hundredfold, for Sokolowski is a speaker who says things in ways that are provocative, exciting, and invariably insightful." – Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology

"Has few peers in phenomenological literature." – International Philosophical Quarterly

"[Sokolowski is] an original thinker of the first rank, who has significantly furthered the path of phenomenological philosophy. As well as being an exciting synthesis, a thinking of the previously unthought in predecessors, and a ground-breaking movement, this work is written with a sensitivity to language and its graceful use that one would hope for from one exploring its richness and power." – Human Studies

About the Author

Robert Sokolowski is the author of many books including The God of Faith and Reason (CUA Press) and Phenomenology of the Human Person (Cambridge University Press)

9780813230085 : presence-and-absence-sokolowski
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