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September 13, 2019
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Pray to the Empty Wells

Pray to the Empty Wells is a bilingual collection of poems by award-winning contemporary Ukrainian author Iryna Shuvalova. The forty-four poems reflect the central section of Shuvalova's forthcoming book of Ukrainian-language poems of the same title. Shuvalova's writing is rich, corporeal, and metamorphic, as well as being deeply rooted in Ukraine's folk culture, re-mixing its traditional spirituality with pulsating eroticism and acute awareness of the natural environment.

About the Author

Iryna Shuvalova is the author of three previous poetry collections, Ran (2011), Os (2014) and Az (2014). She has also edited the first anthology of queer writing in Ukraine.
Lost Horse Press

9780999199480 : pray-to-the-empty-wells-shuvalova
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