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June 1, 1998
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Prairie Water

Wildlife at Beaverhills Lake, Alberta

Beaverhills Lake, near Tofield, Alberta, lies at the heart of one of North America's most important wetlands. The lake supports hundreds of plant and animal species in its still, shallow waters, undisturbed by boats or swimmers. An engaging text with beautiful full-colour photos, Prairie Water is a must-read for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

About the Authors

Edgar T. Jones is a television and film producer and photographer whose images of wildlife appear on numerous TV programs and in many publications. Jones obtained his bird banding permit in 1940, was a founding member of the Edmonton Bird Club in 1948, and also co-founded and was president of the Alberta Wildlife Foundation. Jones and his wife, Jeanne, have banded more than 100,000 birds under his permit. They purchased a 228-acre property at Hasting Lake and sold it to the Province of Alberta at below market value to be used as a wildlife sanctuary: the Edgar T. Jones Natural Area. In 2001, he received the Order of Canada for his outstanding promotion of wildlife conservation. In 2002, Jones received the Alberta Order of the Bighorn Award.


"Prairie Water will be of interest to regular birdwatchers at the lake as well as visitors." Sandy Campbell (??)

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