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June 9, 2009
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Pragmatism, Nation, and Race

Community in the Age of Empire

Pragmatism has been called "the chief glory of our country's intellectual tradition" by its supporters and "a dog's dinner" by its detractors. While acknowledging pragmatism's direct ties to American imperialism and expansionism, Chad Kautzer, Eduardo Mendieta, and the contributors to this volume consider the role pragmatism plays, for better or worse, in current discussions of nationalism, war, race, and community. What can pragmatism contribute to understandings of a diverse nation? How can we reconcile pragmatism's history with recent changes in the country's racial and ethnic makeup? How does pragmatism help to explain American values and institutions and fit them into new national and multinational settings? The answers to these questions reveal pragmatism's role in helping to nourish the fundamental ideas, politics, and culture of contemporary America.

About the Authors

Chad Kautzer is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado Denver.

Eduardo Mendieta is Professor of Philosophy at Stony Brook University. He is editor of Latin American Philosophy (IUP, 2003).


"Pragmatism, Nation, and Race is an anthology that is as rare as it is important. Its essays cohere so seamlessly that the work reads more like a transcript of a single conversation than fourteen voices speaking to related themes. . . . This work offers such clear illuminations of fundamental concepts and current problems that it is an essential text for any scholar of pragmatism, critical race theory, post-colonialism, or American politics. . . . No matter your views on pragmatism, foreign policy, or America's status as an empire, a democracy, or both, parts of this work will irk you, others will uplift you, but every part will reward you.February 16, 2010"—Teachers College Record

"This collection on American philosophy, American identity, and race will undoubtedly make a substantive contribution to the literature and it will be well received by scholars and teachers of many disciplines."—José Medina, Vanderbilt University
Indiana University Press
American Philosophy

9780253220783 : pragmatism-nation-and-race-kautzer-mendieta
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336 Pages
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