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February 4, 2008
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Portuguese Trade in Asia under the Habsburgs, 1580–1640

This fascinating history reassesses the consequences of Portugal's flourishing private trade with Asia, including increased tensions between the growing urban merchant class and the still-dominant landed aristocracy. James C. Boyajian shows how Portuguese-Asian commerce formed part of a global trading network that linked not only Europe and Asia but also—for the first time—Asia, West Africa, Brazil, and Spanish America. He also argues that, contrary to previous scholarly opinion, nearly half of the Portuguese-Asian trade was controlled by New Christians—descendants of Iberian Jews forcibly converted to Christianity in the 1490s.

About the Author

James C. Boyajian is the author of Portuguese Bankers at the Court of Spain, 1626–1650.


"In a superbly researched work, rich in provocative and revisionist interpretations, whose sources, ideas, and references will be mined by many scholars, Boyajian adopts a comparative approach to study Portuguese commercial links to Asia, reassess crown involvement in trade vis á vis private participation, place the Cape trade within the context of global trade, and throw new light on Portuguese merchant families."

"Concentrates on the flourishing Portuguese private trade with Asia during the period of Spanish rule... A new turn in the historiography of European expansion."

"Portuguese Trade in Asia under the Habsburgs illuminates complex trade and social networks within an emerging global system. It is essential reading for those concerned with the interplay of state goals and private enterprise, as well as the influence of the Inquisition on global trade in the early modern era."

- Joan Meznar - Renaissance Quarterly
Johns Hopkins University Press
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9780801887543 : portuguese-trade-in-asia-under-the-habsburgs-1580-1640-boyajian
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