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October 1, 2021
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Pope Francis and The Search for God in América

The Significance of His Early Visits to the Americas

In Tutti Fratelli, Pope Francis has called again for a "culture of encounter," But how should his theology, pastoral practice, and social message be understood and applied in the Church of the Americas, a single but complex reality that extends from South to North? This volume offers analyses from experts looking back to the Argentine pontiff's first fateful encuentros in the Americas as a help for understanding the present reality of the Church in the Western Hemisphere. The group includes theologians, historians, and political scientists, and the unique contribution of the volume lies in the panoramic perspective offered by the book as a whole.

The initial essays set the stage for the volume as a whole, offering rich insight into Argentine and Latin American history, the world from which the Pope came and to which he returned in 2015, as well as surveying the impact of the Latin American "theology of the people" on the Pope's visit to the U.S.

Additional essays address theological, historical, and pastoral engagements that cut across several of the visits. The final group of essays is dedicated to the visits themselves and is arranged in the order that they occurred. Pope Francis and the Search for God in América is offered to all the members of the Church in América, South and North, old and young, with the hope that it will spur even more thought, reflection, prayer, and service.

About the Authors

Peter J. Casarella is professor of theology at Duke Divinity School. Maria Clara Bingemer is professor of theology at the Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


"Offers a significant contribution to the study of Francis' papacy and a broader contribution to Catholicism in the Americas. The book is not just about Franics; it is about the theology behind the Church in the Americas and the broader themes and issues raised by his papacy."—Michelle Maldonado, University of Scranton

9780813233789 : pope-francis-and-the-search-for-god-in-america-bingemer-casarella
Paperback / softback
October 1, 2021
$29.95 USD

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