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March 1, 1999
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Politics and Public Debt

The Dominion, the Banks and Alberta's Social Credit

Focusing on the Depression, Second World War, and early post-War period, Robert Ascah examines the interaction of politics and capital markets in Canada from the perspective of the debt management function. Ascah's insightful study explores the Dominion Government's dealings with domestic and international finance capital and their reaction to the policies of Alberta's Social Credit government, and in particular the April 1936 default.

About the Author

Robert L. Ascah is now Senior Vice-President, Policy and Strategic Planning, with Alberta Treasury Branches. His interest in public finance began when he was a junior auditor with the Auditor General of Canada, and continued through his doctoral work.


"[ Robert Ascah's] account of this period helps us to see how the economics and politics of government and debt shaped the development of our country and brought us to where we are today." -Paul Boothe, from the Foreword

9780888643063 : politics-and-public-debt-ascah
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