August 26, 2015
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April 7, 2016
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Points of Entry

How Canada's Immigration Officers Decide Who Gets In

Every year, over 1.3 million people apply to visit, work, or settle in Canada and discover that their future rests in visa officers' hands. How do these officers decide who gets in? Seeking answers to this question, Vic Satzewich gained access to eleven overseas visa offices. Points of Entry reveals immigration officers in action as they determine credibility and risk. Contrary to popular opinion, individual bias rarely enters into their decisions. Instead, a combination of experience, organizational culture, and accumulated local knowledge shapes their decision to either dig deeper into an application or to issue a visa.

About the Author

Vic Satzewich is a professor of sociology at McMaster University in Ontario. He is the author of a number of books and articles, including Racism in Canada, "Race" and Ethnicity in Canada: A Critical Perspective (with Nik Liodakis), The Ukrainian Diaspora, First Nations: Race, Class and Gender Relations (with Terry Wotherspoon), and Racism and the Incorporation of Foreign Labour: Farm Labour Migration to Canada since 1945. He is also coeditor of Transnational Identities and Practices in Canada (with Lloyd Wong).
UBC Press

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