July 16, 2010
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Plants in Mesozoic Time

Morphological Innovations, Phylogeny, Ecosystems

Plants in Mesozoic Time showcases the latest research of broad botanical and paleontological interest from the world's experts on Mesozoic plant life. Each chapter covers a special aspect of a particular plant group—ranging from horsetails to ginkgophytes, from cycads to conifers—and relates it to key innovations in structure, phylogenetic relationships, the Mesozoic flora, or to animals such as plant-eating dinosaurs. The book's geographic scope ranges from Antarctica and Argentina to the western interior of North America, with studies on the reconstruction of the Late Jurassic vegetation of the Morrison Formation and on fossil angiosperm lianas from Late Cretaceous deposits in Utah and New Mexico. The volume also includes cutting-edge studies on the evolutionary developmental biology ("evo-devo") of Mesozoic forests, the phylogenetic analysis of the still enigmatic bennettitaleans, and the genetic developmental controls of the oldest flowers in the fossil record.

About the Authors

Carole T. Gee is Senior Research Scientist in Paleobotany, Division of Paleontology at the Steinmann Institute, University of Bonn, Germany.


"Plants in Mesozoic Time is an edited volume in honor of the career contributions of Ted Delevoryas (emer., Univ. of Texas, Austin) to paleobotany. The diverse interests of the chapter authors, all of whom are academically related to Delevoryas, make this volume an eclectic assortment of articles that are thematically disjunct on various aspects of Mesozoic paleobotany. The assortment of writings will interest a broad array of investigators. Most of the papers give overviews or reviews of the author's recent work, rather than detailed technical contributions on new investigations. This volume would be useful as a resource for supplemental reading to stimulate classroom discussion in an upper-level undergraduate or graduate course in paleobotany and paleobiology. The book is a testament to Ted Delevoryas's broad impact on the field of paleobotany. . .Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections. — Choice"—M. S. Zavada, East Tennessee State University, February 2011

"The assortment of writings will interest a broad array of investigators. . . . Recommended."—Choice

"The 14 chapters in this edited volume provide a broad and a fascinating view of the flora of the Mesozoic . . . The range of topics in this book means that there should be something for anyone with an interest in paleobotany. . . Vol. 86"—Quarterly Review of Biology

"[This] volume is immaculately edited, outstandingly readable and beautifully illustrated."—American Paleontologist

"[T]he book will indoubtedly be invaluable to graduate students, faculty, and researchers in the fields of biology, botany, and paleontology. 2011"—American Reference Books Annual

"This book will be a valuable reference for anyone interested in the biology, paleontology, and paleobotany of the Mesozoic flora and fauna including earth and life scientists and academics, plaeontologists, geologists, and environmental scientists. This very detailed book clearly represents a lifetime of study by the author and is a valuable contribution to the literature."—Plant Science Bulletin

"It has been some time since there was a volume dedicated to Mesozoic plants. . . . This book will have merit as a reference for years to come."—Kirk R. Johnson, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
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Life of the Past

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