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March 25, 2000
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Pigboat 39

An American Sub Goes to War

" Constructed in 1923, the American submarine S39 was practically an antique when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. With defective torpedoes, a semi-trained crew, and a primitive ventilation system (hence the nickname), she nevertheless sank two enemy vessels and eluded pursuit to fight again in the Solomons. This is the little-known story of how an unprepared navy fought with what it had until the tide could be turned. Bobette Gugliotta was one of the S-39 wives. With the technical assistance of her husband, Guy, an officer who served on three of the S-class boats during the war, she presents an accurate and absorbing account of submarine operations and warfare. No less valuable is her candid and sympathetic portrayal of the men and women whose lives were caught up in the voyage of the S-39.


"Very well-told. This is a highly recommended submarine book."—Almanac of Seapower

"This old submarine—veteran of 16 years on the China Station before Pearl Harbor—is different from the usual submariner tales. . . . The story of how an unprepared navy fought with what it had until the tide could be turned."—Jackson Sun

"There are very few accounts of the exploits of these submarines. This book is a gem; essential for World War II and naval history collections."—Library Journal

"A remarkable evocation."—Louisville Courier-Journal

"For the reader interested in how events affect people, shaped their lives and feelings, and of individuals caught in a dangerous situation, Pigboat 39 truly is an important work."—Military

"A rich history that stands as a tribute to the United States Asiatic Fleet."—Navy Times

"Shipmates, get a copy of this book . . . .You will not want to put it down until you have read it cover to cover. I give it five stars!"—Polaris

"Gugliotta may be the first woman to write about submarine warfare with the technical and military accuracy of a veteran."—San Francisco Chronicle Review

"This is much more than the history of a fighting sub and its heroic crew."—Seattle Times

"Excellent and well-researched. . . . Lets you see that long-vanished, colorful Navy institution, the Asiatic Fleet Submarine Force."—Submarine Review

"Captures in vivid style the valiant spirit of the men who held the line in the face of disaster. But equally important, by depicting the roles played by the wives of the crew members, Gugliotta has helped to fill a gap that has largely been ignored by naval historians."—U.S. Naval Proceedings

University Press of Kentucky

9780813109855 : pigboat-39-gugliotta
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264 Pages
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