June 30, 1991
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Peasants with Promise

Ukrainians in Southeastern Galicia, 1880-1900

The book studies developments in education and in agricultural productivity, the impact of self-help movements and of the expansion of transportation networks, and improvements in preventive health care in Southern Podillia. Cumulatively, the effects of these developments led to the emergence of an increasingly self-confident society in the region from which the majority of early Ukrainian immigrants to Canada came. By showing that this rural area was experiencing real progress, Dr. Hryniuk challenges the standard interpretations of eastern Galicia, which have portrayed it as a region characterized by backwardness and economic stagnation.

About the Author

Dr. Stella Hryniuk is a Canada Research Fellow. Her publications include articles on Western Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian history. She is coauthor of Canada's Ukrainians: Negotiating an Identity (1991), The Land They Left Behind: Canada's Ukrainians in the Homeland (1994), and Monuments to Faith: Ukrainian Churches in Manitoba. She is editor of Twenty Years of Multiculturalism: Successes and Failures (1992) and contributed to Multiculturalism & Ukrainian Canadians (1994). Dr. Hryniuk has been president of the Canadian Association of Slavists and of the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre in Winnipeg. She is currently International Liaison Officer at the University of Manitoba.
University of Alberta Press

9780920862742 : peasants-with-promise-hryniuk
319 Pages
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