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Paul Horiuchi

East and West

Born in Japan in 1906, Paul Horiuchi came to America as a youth of fourteen and found work with the Union Pacific Railroad in Wyoming. He held the job for two decades, until World War II brought racist reaction, dislocation, and hardship to people of Japanese descent. And all the while he painted.

Working the railroad by day, Horiuchi painted in any spare moments and eventually exhibited in Seattle, San Francisco, and Oakland. When the war ended, he and his family settled in Seattle to make a new and permanent home. Here his art career began to take root—and with his discovery of collage, it burst into full bloom. Nature was his source of inspiration; collage was his métier. Acting on his friend Mark Tobey's recommendation that he use his Japanese heritage in his art, Horiuchi expressed the beauty of the natural landscape in abstract form. With painted and torn papers laid down on canvas or board, he produced art that ranged from monumental to intimate, from fluid motion to rich repose.

Horiuchi gained national and international recognition for his work, as well as an admiring and devoted following in the Northwest. Paul Horiuchi died in 1999. This book provides a narrative of his life and major accomplishments, generously illustrated with historical photographs and works of art.

About the Author

Barbara Johns , former chief curator at Tacoma Art Museum and former executive director of the Pilchuk Glass School, is an art historian and independent curator and museum consultant in Seattle, Washington. Her other book publications include Fired by Beauty: Anne Gould Hauberg.


"A man in a hurry throughout his long life (1906-1999), his formally frozen furies remain as testimony to an inexhaustible talent."—Northwest Asian Weekly

"An engaging narrative of one of the Pacific Northwest's most important painters and collage artists of the twentieth century. . . . In addition to being a thoroughly researched and detailed examination of Horiuchi's life and career, the large number of archival photographs and a chronologically arranged color plate section give readers an appreciation for the work of this important Pacific Northwest artist, whose vision was deeply rooted in nature and the exploration of form."—Pacific Northwest Quarterly

University of Washington Press

9780295987958 : paul-horiuchi-johns
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