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June 15, 2017
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Passions and Virtue

"This magnificent work has all the beauty of a late career book written by a master who speaks about his area of expertise simply and wisely. This is not a heavily detailed and footnoted argument. It is a book about the virtues and passions by someone so steeped in the thought of Aquinas that he can approach his topic creatively and boldly, and yet still be firmly rooted in the Angelic Doctor's thought." – Theological Studies

"This was the last book written by the respected Belgian Dominican moral theologian Servais Pinckaers before his death in 2008will be of interest to the libraries of major seminaries and to academic libraries with moral theology collections." – Catholic Library World

"This is an accessible treatment of a complex subject from an undisputed master of the field. Less a scholarly work than a profound, personal reflection on a topic of perennial significance. Recommended." – Choice

"[Passions and Virtue] is brief, and printed in a small format. Each short chapter is divided into smaller sections, and given a subtitle. This means that it is read profitably in shorter sections, interspersed with longer periods of reflection on the content, keeping an eye on the overall thread of the bookan important addition to the Pinckaers English-language canon. One can hope that it will be read by a wider audience, and will serve as a means of introducing his other works to the uninitiated, and that his thought will become accepted as essential reading in seminaries and places where Catholic theology is taught and studied. To this end, the more material available in English the better." – New Blackfriars

About the Authors

Servais Pinckaers, OP was professor of moral theology at the University of Fribourg and author of many books including The Sources of Christian Ethics (CUA Press)

9780813230115 : passions-and-virtue-pinckaers-guevin
Paperback / softback
152 Pages
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