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October 1, 2010
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Parts of Asia

Edited by Cristiana Bastos
PLCS 17/18 is a compendium of knowledge about the regions of Asia that have been impacted by their contact with the Portuguese. Separate sections on Goa, Macau, East Timor, and other regions of Asia present the cutting edge in studies of these region. Experts in the field from the U.S., Portugal and beyond such as Cristiana Bastos, Timothy Walker, and Christopher Larkosh have created an essential contribution to the study of the Portuguese in Asia.

About the Author

CRISTIANA BASTOS, (CUNY 1996) is an anthropologist based at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon. She has lectured in different graduate programs in Portugal, Brazil, and the United States, most frequently at Brown University under the sponsorship of the Luso-American Development Foundation. Her interests lie with the intersections and mutual productions of society, knowledge, and power, and most of her work is at the confluence of anthropology, history, and science studies; in the last few years she has addressed Portuguese colonialism in Asia and Africa through the study of its health institutions. Her publications include Global Responses to AIDS-Science in Emergency (Indiana UP, 1999) and a number of articles on the topics of colonialism, medicine, and displacement, published in journals such as Análise Social, Etnográfica, História, Ciências Saúde-Manguinhos, Journal of Romance Studies, Journal of Southern African Studies, International Migration, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, and Horizontes Antropológicos.

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