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March 1, 2019
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Philip Memmer's Pantheon is a collection of dramatic monologues written from the perspectives of imaginary gods. But these are not the usual mythological suspects: the voices here include such unlikely deities as the God of Error, the God of Skunks, the God of Shrugs, and the God of Lullabies. Whether their concerns are profound or ridiculous, and whether they speak with love or disdain, they share one thing in common: the faithful, mortal human to whom they speak.

About the Author

Philip Memmer is the author of four previous collections of poems, including The Storehouses of the Snow: Psalms, Parables, and Dreams; Lucifer: A Hagiography, winner of the 2008 Idaho Prize for Poetry; Threat of Pleasure, winner of the 2008 Adirondack Literary Award; and Sweetheart, Baby, Darling. Twice a Hawthornden Fellow, he is executive director of the YMCA's Downtown Writers Center in Syracuse, New York, and also serves as associate editor for Tiger Bark Press.
Lost Horse Press

9780999199442 : pantheon-memmer
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