December 9, 2020
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Our Whole Gwich'in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich'in K'yuu Gwiidandài' Tthak Ejuk Gòonlih

Stories from the People of the Land

Our Whole Gwich'in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich'in K'yuu Gwiidandài' Tthak Ejuk Gòonlih is an invaluable compilation of historical and cultural information based on a project originally conceived by the Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute to document the biographies of the oldest Gwich'in Elders in the Gwich'in Settlement Region. Through their own stories, twenty-three Gwich'in Elders from the Northwest Territories communities of Fort McPherson, Tsiigehtshik, Inuvik, and Aklavik share their joy of living and travelling on the land. Their distinctive voices speak to their values, world views, and knowledge, while McCartney assists by providing context and background on the lives of the narrators and their communities. Scholars, students, and all those interested in Canadian/Northern history, anthropology, Indigenous Studies, oral history, or cultural geography will benefit from this critical resource.

Elders Who Contributed Their Stories: Antoine Andre, Caroline Andre, Hyacinthe Andre, Annie Benoit, Pierre Benoit, Sarah Bonnetplume, Marka Bullock, Lydia Alexie Elias, Mary Martha Firth, Sarah Ann Gardlund, Elizabeth Greenland, Violet Therese Jerome, Peter Kay Sr., Mary Rose Kendi, Ruby Anne McLeod, Catherine Martha Mitchell, Eunice Mitchell, Joan Ross Nazon, Annie Moses Norbert, Alfred Semple, Sarah Simon, Ellen Catherine Vittrekwa, Jim Julius Vittrekwa

About the Authors

Leslie McCartney is a cultural anthropologist specializing in oral history. She is an Associate Professor and the Curator of Oral History at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Gwich'in Tribal Council is an Indigenous land claim organization responsible for protecting and advancing the interests of the Gwich'in peoples of the Gwich'in Settlement Region in the Northwest Territories and Yukon, Canada.


"[Elders] recall the sound of sled dogs galloping through the snow, the blue gleam of moonlight in winter and smell of fresh caribou steaks drying on spruce boughs. Their stories are chronicled in Our Whole Gwich'in Way of Life Has Changed, a big, beautiful volume. It is warm and human." [Full article at https://www.blacklocks.ca/review-moonlight-and-fresh-caribou/]—Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter


"This book captures the joys and struggles of individual Gwich'in women and men who came of age in the first decades of the twentieth century. Their stories convey, with great emotion and poignancy, the extraordinary corpus of skills and knowledge required in not only surviving but thriving in a northern environment."—Robert Jarvenpa, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, SUNY Albany

"This book is a valuable and important collection of Gwich'in Elders' life stories that adds much to the growing literature focused on Indigenous narratives, rarely heard in Canada."—Thomas D. Andrews, Adjunct Professor, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan

9781772124828 : our-whole-gwichin-way-of-life-has-changed-gwichin-kyuu-gwiidanda-i-tthak-ejuk-go-onlih-mccartney-gwichin-tribal-council-peterson
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